Getting Ready for the Science and Technology Fair

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Fri, 09/20/2019 - 16:47

In less than a week, 18 teams from my eighth-grade students will be presenting their science and technology projects. The students have worked on developing their Arduino skills over the past school year and now are ready to show their abilities. 

I am looking forward to seeing the automated greenhouse monitors, an automated water flow system, a soil moisture sensor for plants, and a smart trashcan as you can see at this link or the photo below. They are presenting their projects to the entire junior high and their parents. 

Judges from the community and school will ask the students many questions about what they learned and what they would change if they were to redo their projects.

They started with an idea for what they wanted to do and then searched for a project online. They then had to modify and build it. 





Greenhouse with Sensors